Casters Wheels

A caster (we spell castor) is a wheeled generally mounted to a larger object that allow relatively smooth rolling movement to the object. Casters are basically special housings that include a wheel, facilitating the installation of wheels on objects. Casters are found virtually everywhere, from office desk chairs to shipyards, from hospital beds to automotive factories, Engineering Industry, Pharma Industry, Bakery Industry, Hospital & Medical, Airport, Furniture / Chairs, Hospital, Manufacturer, Shopping Mall, Airport Applications For Casters, Fire Department, Harbour, Bridge/Road Construction, Waste Water Treatment Plant and Recycling. They range in size from the very small furniture casters to massive industrial casters, and individual load capacities span 10kg to 1400kg and Wheel materials include cast iron, plastic, rubber, Polyurethane-PU, Polypropylene-PP, Poly A cetal (Nylon)PA, Thermo Plastic Rubber TPR, Natural Rubber –R, Nylon High Temp-260 Degree, Pneumatic Rubber Tyre, Foam Rubber Tyre, Solid Rubber Wheel, Cast Iron +Polyurethane – CI+ PU, Cast Irion + Rubber : C.I+Rubber, Polypropylene + Rubber : PP+ Rubber, Poly Vingal : PVC also strength Light Duty, Medium Duty, Heavy Duty, Super Heavy Duty.

Type of Casters Wheels