Folding Platform Trolley

The range of Folding Platform Trolley or foldable trolley stock and supplied by us that can hold products while transporting. It is ideal to use in factories, dockyards, railway workshops, airports, warehouses and fertilizer plants. Fabricated using best quality material and platform made with POLYPROPYLENE (PP), ALUMINIUM & MILD STEEL (MS), it is user friendly and durable. High in strength and load bearing capacity from 40kg to 200kg, the internal wheel allows it to rotate it completely with ease.

• Durability
• High strength
• Rust resistance
• High functionality

Code : IV-FHC-H-02-90-TPE
Product Code IV-FHC-H-02-90-TPE
Loading Capacity 90kg
Size (L)395 X (W)415mm X (H)1080
Caster Wheel 150mm
Plateform Materials Aluminium/M.S.

Code : IV-H-LH03-40
Product Code IV-H-LH03-40
Loading Capacity 40kg
Size (L)23cm X (H)44cm
Caster Wheel 100mm
Plateform Materials Polypropylene

Code : IV- TLO1-D200-4 GER
Product Code IV- TLO1-D200-4 GER
Loading Capacity 200kg
Platform Size 745 X 480mm (30" X 19")
Caster Wheel 100mm - ER
Plateform Materials Metal (M.S.)

Code : IV-LO1-D-300-5 GER
Product Code IV-LO1-D-300-5 GER
Loading Capacity 300kg
Platform Size 900 X 500mm (30" X 19")
Caster Wheel 125mm - ER
Plateform Materials Metal (M.S.)

Code : IV-LO1-D-150-4 GER
Product Code IV-LO1-D-150-4 GER
Loading Capacity 150 kg
Platform Size 720 X 490mm (30" X 19")
Caster Wheel 100mm - ER
Plateform Materials Metal (M.S.)